New ideas for old spaces

There are many ways you can spruce up an old or tired home and find new ideas for old spaces without having to spend a fortune or completely start from scratch. If you’ve recently bought or live in a house that was previously used as something else, for example a barn conversion, it can be fun to get creative with the spaces you’ve already got. Here are a few ideas:
If you do live in a barn conversion, why not add a large door with windows at either side in the space where the traditional barn door once sat? This stylishly fills the space while also letting in more natural light. It also creates a stunning feature for your house and draws any attention straight to your front door.

​If you’re looking to open up your kitchen onto your back garden but don’t have room for French or bi-folding doors, why not add a stable door so you can bring the outdoors in and watch the children in the back garden without cutting into any walls. Plus adding a stable door to a country house can complete the farmhouse aesthetic and complement the countryside feel.
If you’re using an old outhouse or stable as a garage then consider an external door without any glass panes or ways for intruders to see what’s inside. As you can see from this example, we made and fitted a classic door with a full height tongue and groove panel, so that cars, keys and valuables can’t be seen from the outside. It complements the other doors on the building really well. 

​If you’re renovating your bathroom, consider placing the bath near the window. Soaking next to natural light can make bath time that little bit more relaxing. If you’re concerned about people looking in we can fit windows with obscure glass with various options to choose from. 
If you’re replacing your doors, keep some character such as stained glass. We often work with D Sunderland Glass when a customer wants to keep or add stained glass into their doors and windows, they have an excellent track record of creating stunning stained glass pieces and will even repair any existing stained glass you may have.

​Finally, bay windows are a great idea for giving your room that little bit more space BUT if yours were fitted a while ago don’t underestimate the difference a replacement can make. Just look at how much fresher this house is now and a much warmer home too! 
If this has sparked some ideas for you, get in touch with us to arrange a quote for windows and doors in timber, aluminium and uPVC.